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Tattoo shop owner, 48, jailed for raping year-old girl after giving her a body piercing Read full article 24 Julyam A former tattoo parlour owner who raped a year-old virl in his regional Victorian shop after giving her a body piercing has been jailed for more than three years. Clinton Osborne, 48, was found guilty by a jury of two counts of having sex with under the age of 16, stemming from the same visit to his Shepparton tattoo parlour.

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However what's her body art saying? Does Victoria Beckham have a tattoo? Also, should I get one to match it if she does?

OK so, from what is visible, it appears that the poshest of all the Spice Girls has six tattoosaccording to The Sun. OMG yes.

David beckham gets a tattoo of harper's drawing

Wow, not only is she a member of my favourite band but also, she is into tattoos. We have so much in common I can't evenwe should just be best friends. As one might expect, her tattoos are about all the things she prides herself on. Her love of her kids, her hot AF husband David, and of course that career of hers.

Lord knows she is killing it in the fashion industry. However, even though she obviously is pretty keen on tattoos guys look at Davidshe has actually been removing some of her tattoos over the last few years, as reported by the Mirror. I have reached out to her rep to find out why, but as of yet, I'm still waiting for tattooo response.

But what are Beckham's tattoos actually of exactly?

Well, one of her best known tattoos has been doing a bit of a gradual disappearing act. Obviously referencing her love for her bae.

David beckham sleeve & hand tattoos

Good on ya, VB. On her left wrist, she has his initials tattooed.

However, apart from her strong family unit and her very close bond with her husband, Beckham is also best known for her lit AF music and fashion career. In honour of this, on her right wrist she also has another script tattoo.

Showing again her love for ancient languages, but instead of Hebrew, this time she went for Latin. It re "de integro", tattko translates to "again from the start". According to The Sun the tattoo represented a time when a lot of changes were happening in her life, with the launch of a new denim line and her family making a big move across the pond.

Shutterstock One might say tatts are a Beckham family affair, considering her husband, the hunky Tattlo football legend and model David Beckham is pretty heavily inked himselfand their eldest son Brooklyn has started his own pretty lush collection. In fact, Brooklyn has an inking dedicated to his mum.

He's so chuffed with the inking, he even posted a pic of the de on Instagram after getting it done. The inking features a love heart with "mum" written in the middle. In addition, Brooklyn also has a tattoo that re "mama's boy" inked on his chest. But does Beckham have vicyoria tattoos showing how much she loves her kids? Of course she flipping does, puh-lease.

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On her lower back she has five stars that gril eight points on them. They vvictoria said to represent her, David and sons Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo. However, as VB appears to be removing some of her tattoos, it is not likely she is going to get any more, but who knows, with "mama's boy" Brooklyn getting one after another, showing how much he loves his mum, she may very well decide to get a matching one.