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Wendy palm bay massage

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Wendy I agree she is fantastic and she gives a great massage. You need to call early after 9 am because she doesn't see but 2 or 3 clients a day on most days and it's first come, first served for appointments. She has a "studio" in an office massagd and it is private, discrete and safe.

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Wendy I agree she is fantastic and she gives a great massage. You need to call early after 9 am because she doesn't see but 2 or 3 clients a day on most days and it's first come, first served for appointments. She has a "studio" in an office complex and it is private, discrete and safe. Wendy is not a typical provider. She is bubbly, friendly, interested in your needs, cares about the service she is providing, and just a little bit eccentric.

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Her room is throwback 50's'ish and quite warm and inviting. She also provides hair removal if desired. What I really liked is she provides more time at a lower cost so you can just lay back and relax. She uses a very pleasant lotion that has no lingering scent. And she is very thorough. She doesn't rush ewndy makes you feel pretty pampered. On top of all that, she's a beautiful, hot woman. I for sure will want to see her again.

And the only thing allowed is some touching. Long professional massage and pleasant chatting. There was no teasing during the massage. Just very comfortable. We took a break and started mxssage with everything covered. Good head game, spinner who seemed to really get into the encounter. Pleasant apartment in the Eau Gallie district, nobody else present.

Most of my hobbying has been in Orlando. Based on reviews on here contacted Mandy and was able to get in to see her this past mxssage. Beautiful girl. In my opinion even better than in her pics. Definitely my type. Youthful appearance on a smaller spinner frame. Massage was excellent.

“no road is long with good company” -turkish proverb

Just the right pressure. Can tell she really tries to do a great job on the massage. Felt great after.

She actually had to encourage me to roam I was enjoying the massage so well LOL. Then started dreaming about some extracurriculars with this cute little spinner after the massage. Everything covered in the dream, but still immensely enjoyed this dream state due to her technique, sweet personality, and desire to please. There was no rush to wake up. Very sweet girl and a great time. She's a little drive from my area but will definitely see her again as often as possible.

SM pm for details. I am not one of them I see her every time I am back in town and love her. Pleasant, fun to be around, and is good at what she does. Count me in as a fan! Brevard Exit Well gentlemen, I arrived about a year ago and I am leaving this county in a couple months.

Wendy’s world

When I arrived I was looking for a regular coming from Saint Pete and none seemed to live up to the hype or we just did not connect well. So Wndy went to some massage parlors. Recently I retried some that I went to when I first got here since a lot were posting new girls. So I will have 3 good reports and 3. Not bad but decent. Kang Fa. When I first got here there was a lovely lady with giant melons.

Went back again and she was gone. Even called ahead and asked for her by masssage. Was ok the second lalm. This last time recently I just went for hh and got nothing. Need 1 hour for the good flip apparently.

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Zen Spa. Got the hh recently. The back on the table shower was.

The front some nice teasing. At the massage once again. But the hand shake. It was very nice and slow. Got more than a hh in at the end of things. The location on Palm Bay Rd no name advertised - I went to today. Big table shower.

Funny pictures to make you smile!

I went once before and they did a lot of teasing before the build up with a bad table shower and bad massage. This recent time Table shower was worse until the flip. Which was very nice. Then came the massage. Honestly best hh massage I have ever gotten. On the flip we discussed Mario coins. Apparently they do FS now.

But it was outside my Christmas gifts today. I had nancy.

Wendy a farlane

OTC touch on the flip and very nice melons available. Great massage our hand shake was rushed as I went my way. The good 3. First time I had a pick and asked for Kaitlyn. With the house and additional a little much. But wow it she and I were compatible. Got her numerals after and saw her a few more times at the shop and once at her place. She was very nice, fun, and well like I said we just click. Fantastic visuals. For the other ladies I have never seen.

King Spa. For a better part of the year I have been going here since it is close to where I work. Every time I walked in they had smiles on their face or if it was someone new there at least 4 times when I walked down the hall I was greeted by the other girls. All I can say is I have never been disappointed. One girl had a sup par handshake but everything else including the build up, table shower, and massage was on point!

Last Palm Tree. Everyone has seen the reports on Palm Tree lately.

Comments by most recent clients about their visit to wendy’s world!

When I first got here it was just a hag with giant melons. Kinda rude too.

Under new management however, It is a place to behold. I went for FS and an HR each time. Almost every other week. As you go they will allow you to put some Mario Coins away. One girl better at the table shower and massage. But very tight toward the nuru-esk ending they both do that. The other very sensual and teasing throughout the session and more attractive and younger which I preferred.

Other reports have preferred the first.